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„Unlike manual practices of managing information extracted from various files, ERPs or PIMs, Ergonode aggregates product data in an easy way. Delivers a simple interface, supports translations, monitors data quality and conversion. Distributes data to wherever you need. We keep it ergonomic. Because you are human.”
~ Ergonode Team

Manage 150k+ products in real time, fast export

Reduce translation costs, even to 4 cents/SKU

Beautifully easy interface. Never more tutorials!

Open code and elastic micro-service architecture

Newest technology stack

Cloud ready

Ergonomic guaranteed by user tests

Developed by stable team

Features available now

Grid management: manage products fast and efficient

Problem we’ve observed:

Managing product data usually means switching between different tabs within the same application or even worse -between different applications or document forms. This means a massive chance to make a mistake, consumes time and workflow focus.

Our solution:

Tabular view of the edited data combined with sorting and filtering functionalities allows to focus on selected work scope and ensure the data are complete and accurate. Additionally keyboard navigation massively helps to move effectively around the data spreadsheet and edit intuitively.
Not to mention side by side translations.

Filtering products: reduces time, provides data clarity

Problem we’ve observed:

Organising data accordingly to the user needs is a challenge for everyone who work with different data types and patterns. Leaving unfilled data records usually causes a snow ball effect where more and more product data receivers and third parties report incompleteness.

Our solution:

Ergonode lets you to easily manage spreadsheet columns by simple drag and drop actions. The system allows you to adjust the appearance of the products spreadsheet to suit their needs and preferences.

Template designer: ready-to-use product templates

Problem we’ve observed:

To precisely describe a product there is a plenty of data types involved. Simply look the product page of any e-commerce service. Having a selection of attribute types allows to structure product information according to the main purpose: data clarity and completeness. How inputed data will present anyway?

Our solution:

Ergonode allows you to present any feature describing the product. You can create attributes that are text fields for filling in, single and multi-selection fields, as well as complex features such as price or unit. All of this, included in a simple and intuitive wizard, allows to create any structure of the product sheet and preview if content meets context.

About technology approach

Newest technology stack. Open code. Event sourcing and more

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Not the next complicated system that doesn’t care for your time & costs. Ergonode solves the real problems we have observed during many years of work in e-commerce.

Product Owner at Ergonode
Marcin Piwowarczyk

Features & Roadmap

Available now – MVP – milestone 1

Attribute grid
Providing a tabular attribute grid presenting attribute data such as: code, group, type and multilingual option. In order to manage product attributes providing sorting in columns and edit attribute functionality as well as choice of cells density.

Types of attributes
Creating different type od attributes: standard (text, text area, numeric, select, multi select) and additional (price, date, unit, image).

Providing attribute multi select menu in order to assign attributes to selected attribute group or groups

Providing language multi choice selector in order to side by side translation of attributes in a selected language

Category grid
Creating a tabular product category grid including category name, code and number of products in each category.
In order to manage product categories providing sorting in columns and edit category functionality.

Category creation
Providing new category creation functionality.

Providing language multi choice selector in order to side by side translation of categories in a selected language

Templates visual listing
Delivery of visual product template thumbnail grid with a possibility of creating new template.

Providing product template edition including template thumbnail for presentation in the visa grid. Delivery of template designer to local product attributes on the product template. Implement sections in order to group attributes on the product template.

Template elements management
Attributes management on the product template: drag and drop from attribute group list, resizing, deleting.

Products grid
Providing a tabular grid which presents product attributes in order to manage them.

Columns management 
Management of attributes columns on a grid – ordering or deleting by drag & drop

Attributes edition

Edition of attributes in grid cell.


“Excel like” experience on grid navigation. Popular spreadsheets capabilities.

Enhanced product filtering

In column filtering with search bar as well as ascending and descending attributes sorting.

Adding new products
New products – assigning new products to product template as well as to the product category.

Language edition
Editing attributes on template in selected language

Draft edition
Editing attributes on product draft and applying to product

Reading and cleaning imported data / files.
Mapping imported data to: product, attributes, categories
Asynchronized data import processing
Edition of attributes in grid cell.

Basic user management and authorisation

Ongoing – milestone 2

Category trees grid
Management of categories hierarchy

Connector configurations with progress notifications also for Magento & Shopware.
Automatic export triggering.
Multimedia grid implementation.
Adding new attribute type – gallery

General notifications mechanism mailing mechanism frontend / backend communication for notifications

Product segment management
Segments grid.

Extended user management
Roles and permissions functionality
User extended authorisation

Change product history management

Next in line – milestone 3

Channel logic implementation

Imports management
Adding readers and transformers functionality
Import elements grid, import progress notifications

Global export interface
Connector configurations

General workflow mechanism
Workflow process notifications
Implementation tasks & relations scheme


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